Rejuveo Stage 1 Daily Report

Please complete and send me this Rejuveo Daily Report form each day.Please note: Stage 1 does not have a specific meal plan, but you can choose to follow the Stage 4 plan if you want.

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I identified and removed food sensitivities.

After retiring about a year ago, I went on “vacation mode”: I got lots of exercise in my favorite sports but on “party mode” I was eating more snacks, social drinking… I gained weight and no changes I made on my own got rid of it.

Through this cleanse, I was able to identify and remove foods I am sensitive to. I looked at problem eating patterns more objectively and accelerated my weight loss. Beyond my weight loss goals, my joint pain and bloating went away. I’m less sluggish in the morning and people tell me I look “different; good!”

I really liked having guidance to get past my resistance to change unhealthy habits. Sending my daily short write-ups me feel committed and I loved receiving positive reinforcement—very different than plans I have been on in the past.
—Cher H, Lincoln NE