Rejuveo Stage 1 Daily Report

Please complete and send me this Rejuveo Daily Report form each day.Please note: Stage 1 does not have a specific meal plan, but you can choose to follow the Stage 4 plan if you want.

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This one worked!

For 15 years I’ve tried severe diet changes, supplements, diet pills, naturopathy, chiropractic, conventional medical wisdom, massage, you name it including that for more than two years now I’ve been exclusively eating organic food. Meanwhile, my health went nowhere but down, my weight kept going up, I’ve developed absolutely horrible cravings for chocolate and sugar—at least one gold and black organic chocolate bar per day, my A1C climbed (a measure of pre-diabetes), and more.

I was skeptical—the “here I go again try another zany crazy health thing” sort of skeptical. But this one worked! On the Rejuveo cleanse I lost ten pounds and feel much better.

One thing I really needed, and received, was the knowledge about food presented in this cleansing program. All the recipes and info on how to cook healthy and make food in the kitchen have been instrumental in my eating properly. It is a program for someone who wants to take personal responsibility for their health. Nothing comes in a box or kit or magic set of shakes. But if you do this, you will get amazing results.
—Bill W, Anchorage AK