Need some advice? Is this the first brochure for your business or project? Develop a theme and visual identity to flow through all your printed and online marketing materials. With both online and print production experience, I am here to help you throughout the entire process!

You are sure of your design ideas and likely need few revisions? Opt for my low cost plans that include 3 revisions!

The following are common projects and pricing. Please contact me using the form below and describe what you need in your own words. Most marketing projects are unique and use a combination of materials and services. Save even more when you bundle marketing materials.

All my active consulting clients save 10% off the listed price!

Payment terms: 50% down payment with the balance upon completion and before delivery of final files. I accept Paypal (online, credit card) or business checks.

Go Full Color with Gorgeous Printed Materials

Announce Services, Specials and Events with Custom Flyers
 3 revisions unlimited
Single-sided flyer, LTR $ 189 $ 219
Double-sided flyer, LTR $ 289 $ 319
Showcase Yourself: Brochures in Full Color Splendor
4-page bi-fold brochure, 11×17” open size $ 499 $ 599
6-panel tri-fold brochure, LTR open size $ 399 $ 499
Stay In Touch: Mail Custom Postcards
Standard: 5.47×4.21″ $ 179 $ 199
Oversized: 8.52×5.47″ $ 229 $ 249
Give Clients a Presentation They’ll Remember
Presentation Folders, 9.50×12″ closed size:
Blank or solid color inside pockets $ 329 $ 429
Fully designed inside pockets $ 379 $ 479
Business Cards, Loyalty Cards, Appointment Cards…
Single-sided $ 99 $ 129
Double-sided $ 129 $ 149
Folded $ 179 $ 199

Included: All you need for your professional marketing pieces. Send your own photos and images (minor photo retouching included) or let me recommend from over 17 million royalty-free photos (may incur charges). Includes creating diagrams, tables, charts; pre-press; delivery of both editable source files and printer-ready files; plus you own all copyrights.

Not Included: Prices do not include technical writing, copy editing or printing.

Make Yourself and the Benefits of Your Work Known Online

Fully Editable Custom Websites
 3 revisions unlimited
Simple 5-page website: Typically a Landing page, Home Page, Biosketch, Service Pages and a Blog $ 895 $ 1095
Custom Website Add-Ons
Stay in touch with your fans, sell products & services
Automatically post to Social Media: Facebook, Linked In $ 129 $ 149
Automatically email your new articles to your fans (includes opt-in form) $ 129 $ 149
Broadcast your success—Testimonials $ 129 $ 149
Calendar; announce your events online $ 129 $ 149
Simple cart with up to 8 services and payments through PayPal $ 489 $ 539

Included: Before we design a single page, together we establish what you want in your future ideal website. While it’s crucial to have a site that stands out and gets noticed, at the end of the day it’s your words and your content that will sell your services. It’s who you are, what you do and WHY that matters. Planning is not sexy, but it saves you in ways you cannot imagine—especially in money not earned that could have been.

Take control of your website: The purpose of your site is to set you free, not tether you to your web developer. I hate to say this, but most designers and developers are concerned with making your site pretty but they are not thinking about growing your business or giving you the freedom and flexibility to do what you need to do online anytime and anywhere.

Whoever you choose, please make sure that you set up all your own web hosting accounts or at least keep all your passwords. You do not want to be that reliant on your programmer and must be able to easily access and change your site even if your web guru moves to the Bahamas or the moon. And double please, whatever you do, don’t let them build your site on some proprietary content management system that only they know how to use.

I HIGHLY recommend building your site, bit by bit, with the WordPress platform—used by small entrepreneurs through commercial giants. Choose from thousands of pre-designed templates that can expand as you expand. Use your own photos and images or let me recommend from over 17 million royalty-free photos (additional charges may apply).

WordPress is simple for anyone to use after it is initially set up. All my work includes clear written instructions so you (or your staff) can edit pages, add new posts, collect testimonials, update events and more keeping your website fresh, clients engaged and your business schedule full.

Not Included: Prices do not include technical writing, major content editing, annual domain name fees or web hosting. Why not web hosting? Because your website is yours. I will be more than happy to set up your hosting for you through my service provider—or jump over to Hostgator and use code 25PWEBSITE to get 25% off any hosting package. A domain name is typically about $12/annually and hosting is less than $5/month. Remember you and you alone should have the passwords, the keys to your site, and the option to move it should you choose to do so.

Would You Love to Have Your Copy Written by an Expert Who Understands Your Niche? Need to Develop Business Forms?

Proof-reading and Copy editing $ 45 – 55 / hr
Technical writing (depending on starting material) $ 50 – 60 / hr

I offer competitively priced writing and editing services to my active clients. The following is a guide; every project is different!


Proofreading: Correct all errors: a last-minute check before printing. No one can catch everything; *proof reading your pre-written “perfect” copy is included in all print materials and website design quotes.
♦ about 17 minutes per 1000 words to proofread twice

Copy editing: Correct spelling, punctuation and small grammatical errors in professionally written documents.
♦ about 35-60 minutes per 1000 words

Major editing: Restructure sentences, paragraphs and/or sections in a logical sequence, rewrite ambiguous sentences, check content against external references, add information that was omitted.
♦ about 2.5-4 hours per 1000 words

Writing your business document: Writing a document from scratch on your behalf or in consultation with a client. Seeking and selecting source material, and writing and editing the document.
♦ about 6-12 hours per 1000 words

Web copy editing: Editing or rewriting documents for the Web, when content is provided by the client. Organizing information into directories. Writing titles, meta tags etc. Editing for high search ranking, on-screen readability, credibility etc. Copy editing your content is included in web design quotes; use this as a guide for additional pages or if you need specific additional content.
♦ about 1-3 hours per page

Web content writing:
Writing web content from scratch on behalf of the client or in consultation. Organising information into directories. Selecting and seeking source material, and writing and editing Web pages.
♦ about 6-12 hours per 1000 words