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21-Day Rejuveo Cleanse

Radiante Weight Loss Challenge

Eating to Restore Balance

Rejuvenate: Your Personal Health Program

Thousands of my clients have regained health and quality of life using holistic tools that work quickly and effectively. And you can too. Contact me today for your personal consult .

Drawing on experience, including published peer-reviewed research in prominent medical journals, certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and decades of applying 100’s of dietary theories, and more… let’s work out a step-by-step plan that will get you the results you want.

Most of today’s “modern” diseases can be corrected without drugs that numb, but don’t correct, the underlying imbalances. If your house is burning, would you just turn off the fire alarm? Symptoms are the body’s way of saying “pay attention.” We have to put out that fire by addressing what is burning. I’d love to design your unique combination of individualized nutritional counselling and lifestyle coaching that reinvigorates purpose and life satisfaction.

Schedule your initial FREE consultation with me today.

Facilitate... the Success Series

Success Health Coach - Expertly grow your health and wellness practice successfully and stress free

Holistic Professionals

Would you like to be fun and bold in bringing healthy-conscious living straight into the fingertips of a diverse people?

Create a satisfying life and achieve your dreams?

For 15 years I’ve helped entrepreneurs bust through barriers to success and create the holistic health practices of their dreams. I’ve successfully grown and sold 2 of my own businesses, run 2 not-for-profits, and have helped many other wonderful people grow the practice or project of their dreams.

I have a completely codified practice management system and would love to have the opportunity to empower you to success!

Are you passionate about making a difference?

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What business owners didn’t learn in school… do these simple things, they work!

Are you a Holistic Health practitioner or Health Coach yourself? Let’s create a ripple effect! Schedule you FREE “Trap Door” Business Analysis today and find out how to redirect all that time and money to achieve the practice of your dreams.

DIY Non-Toxic Home & Body Care

Non-Toxic Recipes: Make Your Own…

Since early 2015 I’ve been developing testing and re-testing non-toxic alternates to skin care, hair care, home solutions, laundry, even insect repellent and sunscreen (although you really don’t want to block vitamin D production).
All of these can be made at home with ingredients you can find locally or order online (I’m including links to cost-effective, high quality vendors).

You can make your own non-toxic skin, hair, laundry, and home solutions using common ingredients and at far less cost than store-bought.

Non-toxic Skin & Body Recipes

Non-toxic Cleaning & Green Home

The Home First Aide Kit

8 NFL seasons… then corporate life, I sure needed to heal!

Marie’s Rejuveo Cleanse helped save my life.  After accumulated external and internal body damage during 8 NFL seasons as a 2-time Superbowl champion defensive tackle, followed by too many years of corporate chair surfing every day… all day… I became overweight, knee and joint pain stopped me from doing things I love, and I was worried that my life expectancy beyond my current 59 years could not be long.

I hadn’t realized how much inflammatory foods were aggravating my health. During the Rejuveo cleanse I learned so much about food, cooking (and that I can cook!), my emotional and physical reactions, and joy…yes, joy.  And I learned in a manner that best fits my needs …through personal experience, with the support of our group, and with the guidance of a skilled, tactful (but blunt), deeply knowledgeable, and caring coach (that’s Marie).  I had many goals as I started.  Most were achieved. Sleeping better has improved; I’m still working on it.  As for my weight, I am now lighter than I have been since I was 21 years old.  I’m dating again…and it means so much to look good and feel good.

Thank you Marie for this life changing experience that I’ve committed to carry on for the rest of my life. Definitely re-built by Rejuveo.

—David Stalls, Denver CO

Marie Sternquist, MS

Marie Cecchini Sternquist

Would you like your own completely personalized, step-by-step “roadmap to success” based on your unique situation and goals?

You’ve come to the right place.

Sometimes you just need a guide; an expert who walks their talk successfully and whose knowledge cuts through the marketing hype.

What type of expert? Someone who understands, who listens, and who can cut through the marketing hype and urban legends that are not based on science or real results.

Curious about how I can help you? Let’s talk.

All the right steps: energy unleashed

I’m a scientist. But it didn’t take science to see I was eating less than all my thin friends, working out harder and more than many of my fit friends… It just wasn’t working. My core assumptions about health must be wrong.

So I started measuring my own cognitive function, my weight, tracking what I ate… 35 pounds off this 300+ pound body in 21 days isn’t bad. I also gained IQ points—the “experts” say you can’t change IQ. Looks like if you get all the variables right, and do all of them—not just one of them but all of them—you can unleash an energy you may not even know you are capable of. I plan to continue. Thank you!
—Dan A, San Jose CA

Working Together to Health & Success


Transform your health in 21 days

personally designed this science-based regimen for the person who wants a program that really works. Read more...


Online Soon!

Coming soon! an online program to help you lose weight, balance your hormones, and restore your health using whole foods.


Your 6 Month Personal Health Program

Nutritional Counseling and Support to busy professionals and parents who want to handle their health barriers and have all the energy and vitality they deserve. Your first session is always FREE Click here…


Online Training For Your Success

Start with these FREE sample courses here...


Six Month Business Mentoring Program

Get the rules of the game that you were not taught in school. Bust through the chaos of running your business and getting your staff on the same page so you can truly enjoy your art of helping others.


Marketing Plan, Materials, Website, Copy

The way you present your business has a profound affect on your success—whether you realize you are 'marketing' or not. Not happy with pre-fab handouts and service flyers 'designed for the masses? Create your own. I offer astounding service at competitive pricing. Request a Quote...
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