Your Ideal, Ideal Scene

If you don’t know where you are going, you might not get there. —Yogi Berra

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Starting a new direction in life or a new business is fresh; it has a great appeal. It’s a clean start, a blank slate, new interest. Exciting—and scary.

We have our dreams—can they really come true? Can we make it through all the barriers and hurdles and competition and succeed?

Yes you can succeed! What is success anyway?

In the game of life, success depends on just a few factors:

  1. having the right tools and knowing how to use them
  2. concentrated efforts
  3. knowing where you are going

This is the second in my series of Success Posts. If you haven’t yet done the steps here; please do them now. One thing we don’t want to do is skip any steps.

#3 Knowing where you are going is by far the most important.

And the absolute way to do that takes one single step: write it down.

What Time Is It? You Mean Now? —Yogi Berra

Yes, Decide. Most people don’t really think about this. They don’t mean to mess up here, it actually may not occur to them. Its a bit of a “well, if it doesn’t work out I’ll do this instead…” or “I’ll give it 6 months…” or… The mistake made is lack of decision.

And one great way to never decide is to skip the Define Your Vision steps (If this is you, please do yourself the service of actually taking pen to paper—or fingers to keyboard—and do those steps. Yes, I mean now.)

You must decide where you want to go. Failure to do this causes indecision, paralysis and uncertainty about your future because you’ve left it up to chance. Next come bouts of procrastination, followed by guilt of said procrastination, followed by even more procrastination.

Then a truly amazing thing happens: It’s called the “I never really wanted it anyway syndrome.” Wow. This will gnaw as an emptiness for a very long time.

Work out your ideal scene with care.

Have you realized that if you don’t know your ideal scene (what you want to have) all the things you try to do will be wrong?

Take 5 and write your vision


Do this: It is 5 years from today and you have everything you ever wanted in your life, except you haven’t seen one real or imaginary best friend in 5 years. Write a really long letter to catch this person up to how your perfect life (5 years from now) is going. Describe every aspect of your life to your friend, everything.

  1. What activities are you doing?
  2. What is your daily health routine?
  3. What personal accomplishments have you made happen?
  4. What is your significant relationship like?
  5. Do you have children? If so, what personal things have they accomplished?
  6. What does your career or personal business look like? Exactly down to how far you commute, your work-hours, your co-workers and more.
  7. What are your hobbies?
  8. Where do you live and in what type of home? What color even and how decorated…
  9. What do you do for spiritual enhancement?

Since you are writing about what you already have 5 years from now, it is right here, right now. Yo …have 3 huskies and finally made that move to a small town in New Mexico where you built your compact but energy-efficient house. You start each day with a cup of chamomile tea sitting on the south-facing deck with your husband who… whatever you envision as your complete and detailed ideal scene.

Work on this letter until you have all the important details. Then post it on the wall next to your goals and vision.

“And realize, too, that this is a great way to make dreams come true.” —L. Ron Hubbard

(whose management technology I use every day, including tools for evaluating and achieving the Ideal Scene).

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