Rejuveo 21-day Whole Foods Cleanse


Reduce inflammation, Reset your metabolism, Regain your energy

Get started on your health journey the right way.

The 21-Day guided Rejuveo cleanse program is your answer to
“where do I start?”

You want to rebalance your body: you know this centers around the right whole foods and holistic actions

and you want to do it the right way, with a knowledgeable expert who can also make it fun.

This is where I come in.


Rejuveo benefit #1: Individual Support and Guidance

Life gets in the way of a healthy and nutritional lifestyle. While we might be motivated when we begin, it’s easy to fall back into old habits—sticking to your plan can be tough to do on your own. This cleanse has one-on-one support from me. Ask questions, get direction, debug things that come up. Win!

Rejuveo benefit #2: A science-based program to quench the inflammation fire and finally heal

I believe in simple and gentle cleanses. Cleansing correctly—in a way that does not rob you of energy and supports your body—can be hard to do. This program is based on my 30 years of health-related research and training in both integrated nutrition as well as chemical detoxification research.

Rejuveo benefit #3: The results you’ve been looking for

  • Determine any hidden food sensitivities that are causing your symptoms.
  • Learn which foods fuel your body, so you can bring your A-game to everything you do!
  • Jumpstart your metabolism, so you can release excess weight you may be holding onto.
  • Reduce cravings and hunger for foods that sabotage weight loss.
  • Reduce inflammation and digestive issues, which is the major cause of bloating and many illnesses and disease
  • Reduce stress. Cleaning up your diet for just 14 days will have a powerful impact on your emotional state. As stress melts away, your metabolism will be able to function optimally.

Rejuveo benefit #4: Online Community Forum

You’ll also have opportunities to connect with other cleansers to support each other, share experiences, trade recipes, triumphs and challenges.

Rejuveo benefit #5: It is doable—busy, working people can do this

I believe in simple and gentle cleanses. Cleansing correctly—in a way that does not rob you of energy and supports your body—can be hard to do. After 30 years of health-related research and training in integrated nutrition, I designed this program to be doable, gentle, and truly heal.

Rejuveo benefit #6: NO expensive supplements, powders, mixes or gimics

While some people like the simplicity of pouring a powder into a blender > whir > drink > done… While very profitable for the distributor, all too often these pre-made blends include ingredients that don’t work for every individual. This is common.

Besides, you can’t keep drinking the same shake or taking those supplements forever. A well thought out cleanse (or any program) will teach you what works for your unique body, and what doesn’t. I’ll help you try new recipes and explore foods that help your organs and systems function better.

Rejuveo benefit #7: Together we learn how to listen to your body

Cleansing is a very effective way to create long-term changes, but most people don’t know how to effectively use a cleanse to creating lasting changes—and most “out-of-the-box” cleanses don’t educate.

In addition to a better understanding of your body, learn your way around some gentle remedies and whole foods healing approaches you can use again, and again, and again.

I wanted to offer a program that would both inform and get results and is run personally by me.

Are you ready to transform the way you look and feel?

  • My Rejuveo Guide & Recipe Book: A complete cleanse guide. 50+ pages of step-by-step details and explanations to tell you what is going on with your body. PLUS another 60+ pages of cleanse-friendly recipes. You will know what to do and when, why and how your many detoxification pathways work. And next year, the year after… when you want to do it again, you can!
  • Daily Protocol: An easy to follow document that you can print out and post on your fridge so you can stay on track.
  • Preparation and guidance starting the day you sign up you’ll have time to understand all the steps and get anything you need.
  • 1 week of anti-inflammatory eating then 2 Detox Weeks of Meal Plans with Delicious Recipes: You won’t feel deprived with the amazing menu I have put together for you, and you’ll know exactly what to buy and cook.
  • Daily Support by email and a Private Facebook Group: You will have my personal support and the support of your fellow cleansers each step of the way. You will never feel stuck or like you’re in it alone.
  • Daily educational emails that go further in depth into the cleanse steps and daily activities—what to expect and how to get the most out of your cleanse.
  • Transition Diet: Whether new to cleansing or “old hat” take the positive habits you’ve gained during this cleans and incorporate them into your life. Work out exactly the plan to reintroduce your favorite foods while maintaining the balance you’ve created these last 21 days.

BONUS benefit #7: A one-on-one 30 minute post-cleanse strategy session (value $89).

We’ll talk about what the right next step is for you so that you can extend the benefits of the cleanse.

SPECIAL BONUS start your first steps, the “Anti-inflammation Stage” right as soon as you sign up. The early bird truly does get the worm!

SPECIAL BONUSES for my one-on-one clients only:

An additional week of guidance—28 days in all. Why? Because your journey has just begun. We’ve worked together as a team every day to 1. remove inflammatory foods and monitor how you feel; 2. we’ve rested and restored digestive health; 3. we’ve begun to explore which foods are working for you by monitoring this together. By 21 days, most people have just begun this final step. Admittedly, you’ve been given all the knowledge and tools needed to continue—but isn’t it nice to have an additional week of daily one-on-one guidance? It’s yours.

Pick my brain for 30 minutes a week. We’ll set up a time to talk by phone or Skype and you can ask whatever questions you have. Do you want to see how I make kefir? We’ll set it up. Do you want to show me something? Or maybe you just like the one-on-one live communication. It’s yours each week with your one-on-one package.

Sign up for the journey that will change your life for good!

Additional information

Join the Next Group Cleanse

Rejuveo Guide book — 50+ pages of information plus 50+ pages of recipes, Meal plans & Shopping lists, Daily guidance, 21 days of unlimited email support, Private Facebook support group

Start any time One-on-One Cleanse

Rejuveo Guide book — 50+ pages of information plus 50+ pages of recipes, Meal plans & Shopping lists, Daily guidance, 21 days of unlimited email support, Weekly 30-minute "pick my brain" sessions via Skype or phone, An extra week (28 Days total!) of guidance


  1. Lisa S

    For the past year I’ve been struggling with new allergies I’ve not had before. I have had numerous stomach issues for the majority of my life, constipation & tummy aches. It was time to try something different and truly handle this.

    I lost about 8 lbs after doing the Rejuveo cleanse. I have more energy and plan to permanently continue some of what I learned: I’ll make Kefir weekly, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar. Although I am having surgery June 10th, and not looking forward to antibiotics, pain medication, anesthesia etc., I am mindful of it’s impact now and will rise above afterwards.

  2. Deanna V

    I felt I was sleeping too much and also had a pot belly that I couldn’t lose.

    I have lost a couple of pounds and I am more aware of food—even if products have healthy ingredients it may not mean I will do well with them. I will be more careful in the future.

    It went well and I appreciated your timely and very helpful answers to my questions. It was also good to see ideas from others in the group.

  3. Cher H

    After retiring about a year ago, I went on “vacation mode”: I got lots of exercise in my favorite sports but on “party mode” I was eating more snacks, social drinking… I gained weight and no changes I made on my own got rid of it.

    Through this program, I was able to identify and remove foods I am sensitive to. I looked at problem eating patterns more objectively and accelerated my weight loss. Beyond my weight loss goals, my joint pain and bloating went away. I’m less sluggish in the morning and people tell me I look “different; good!”

    I really liked having guidance to get past my resistance to change unhealthy habits. Sending my daily short write-ups me feel committed and I loved receiving positive reinforcement—very different than plans I have been on in the past.

  4. Niti W

    Before starting this program, I just ate whatever was in front of me. I didn’t give it any thought. But I had no energy, was grumpy, and constantly got yeast infections. This program increased my ability to hone in on my symptoms and relate them back to my diet. I never really noticed that certain foods preceded my infections, or my headaches. I am very grateful to know this!

    I now feel like it’s feasible to make additional changes. I am grateful for this experience, the changes I feel and look forward to a better me in the future. Thank you for putting me on the right path to healthier eating! Thanks so much!

  5. Shoshanna H

    I had been sick for a few months before starting this program. I felt depleted and worn out. The cleanse program helped me get back on track and to make more of a commitment to taking care of myself. As a massage therapist, I knew I had to implement for myself those things I was telling my clients.

    While going through this program, my energy increased, my cravings decreased, and I feel better than I have in months. This program worked well for me because it gave me guidance and structure, along with room to do what works for me—for my situation.
    Thank you very much!

  6. Toni Rae Osiecki

    I’d already started a whole-foods health program and made a lot of progress really quickly. But I felt like I’d plateaued and I wanted a kick start.

    I am so glad I did this cleanse because not only did I really get over this hump, I got to experiment with lots of new foods that will be a mainstay in my diet now! I loved learning how easy some things are; and soaking something overnight just takes a little planning, not a lot of work.

    I especially notice the difference in the way I feel getting out of bed in the morning and the puffiness is gone from my eyes. Both of these things had contributed to some mild facial asymmetries. I don’t notice these details when I look in the mirror, but I notice it a lot in pictures. My bowels now feel really smooth and easy. I chose to do the optional “fasting” stage and found it to be super energizing and liberating rather than painful.

    And, I love your personalized feedback!

  7. Bill W

    For 15 years I’ve tried severe diet changes, supplements, diet pills, naturopathy, chiropractic, conventional medical wisdom, massage, you name it including that for more than two years now I’ve been exclusively eating organic food. Meanwhile, my health went nowhere but down, my weight kept going up, I’ve developed absolutely horrible cravings for chocolate and sugar—at least one gold and black organic chocolate bar per day, my A1C climbed (a measure of pre-diabetes), and more.

    I was skeptical—the “here I go again try another zany crazy health thing” sort of skeptical. But this one worked! I lost ten pounds and feel much better.

    One thing I really needed, and received, was the knowledge about food presented in this cleansing program. All the recipes and info on how to cook healthy and make food in the kitchen have been instrumental in my eating properly. It is a program for someone who wants to take personal responsibility for their health. Nothing comes in a box or kit or magic set of shakes. But if you do this, you will get amazing results.

  8. David Stalls

    “After 8 NFL seasons as a defensive tackle, then corporate life, I sure needed to heal!

    Marie’s Rejuveo Cleanse helped save my life. After accumulated external and internal body damage during 8 NFL seasons as a 2-time Superbowl champion defensive tackle, followed by too many years of corporate chair surfing every day… all day… I became overweight, knee and joint pain stopped me from doing things I love, and I was worried that my life expectancy beyond my current 59 years could not be long.

    I hadn’t realized how much inflammatory foods were aggravating my health. During this cleanse I learned so much about food, cooking (and that I can cook!), my emotional and physical reactions, and joy…yes, joy. And I learned in a manner that best fits my needs …through personal experience, with the support of our group, and with the guidance of a skilled, tactful (but blunt), deeply knowledgeable, and caring coach (that’s Marie). I had many goals as I started. Most were achieved. Sleeping better has improved; I’m still working on it. As for my weight, I am now lighter than I have been since I was 21 years old. I’m dating again…and it means so much to look good and feel good.

    Thank you Marie for this life changing experience that I’ve committed to carry on for the rest of my life. I’m re-built by Rejuveo.”

  9. Bonnie Evans

    “I felt I needed to start taking care of my body again and listening to it, it told me to clean it out.

    I’ve got more energy and better sleep, knowledge about wise food choices, and I know now that I can do this forever. During the Rejuveo cleanse I lost at least 12 pounds in 2 weeks, probably more overall.

    I think you did an amazing job and the results were outstanding. Thank you.”

  10. Britany Kaiser

    “The Rejuveo cleanse took my knowledge of health and nutrition to the next level. It helped me become more in tune with my body than ever before. The daily menu guide, shopping lists, and recipe book that you receive make is so easy to stay on track and to get back on track when needed. The personal guidance during the cleanse is something you cannot find anywhere else, I learned so much and those kernels of knowledge I received still help me make better decisions more than a year later!”

  11. Cathy Orten

    I don’t crave sugar!!!! My taste buds are changing and I’m learning to listen to my body. I’m learning how foods feed or deplete us. The Rejuveo cleanse was an excellent program. The cleanse was the perfect amount of time, the book a powerful resource and so well written, and the daily reports were easy to complete (I liked the point system). The daily newsletters are a wealth of information and will be saved in a special file.

    Your feedback was impressive. I’ve had a coach before and it was very disappointing. I was an annoyance to the coach and she was so discouraging which made me apprehensive to try your cleanse. I felt you really care about my health but you also recognize I need to go at the pace I was mentally and physically able to do. I was also impressed with the links you sent to help us with shopping; otherwise these changes would be overwhelming and truly take the several weeks to grasp.

    It was perfect timing to find we actually have a Farmer’s Market during the winter months for our cleanse group. Very helpful. BTW, the pastured beef bones from the farmers market smell better in the broth than the ones from our local natural food store!

    When will your next cleanse be? I would like to share you with friends! The cleanse is a phenomenal value. Thank you!

    —Cathy Orten

  12. Phyllis

    Rebalance and restore healthy habits.
    Because of Rejuveo:
    I am back on track meaning I am back in the kitchen, planning ahead and seeing new ways to nurture and nourish myself through food and self care
    I am back “on the wagon” meaning I have eliminated unhealthy and addictive habits
    I am back “on the treadmill” meaning I am back to consistent exercise
    I feel empowered, more energetic and more clear headed.

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