Rejuveo Coach Package


—Get everything you need to fill your Rejuveo cleanse with clients

Do the Rejuveo cleanse yourself

Then… we work together

—Timelines—what to do when

—Two months unlimited email support

—Two 30-min calls to “pick my brain”

—30 pre-written emails

—Pre-written website copy

—Pre-written enrollment forms

—Personalized guide-book design

—Personalized brochure design

—BONUS: How to give a detox talk



First, with my guidance you’ll do the Rejuveo cleanse yourself. This way you fully understand your client’s experience.

Then… we work together

—Follow the pre-written timelines so you know exactly when to do what

Send me as many emails as you need to understand each step or overall program step

—For those things we can’t clarify by email, you get two 30-min calls to “pick my brain”

Use my —30 pre-written emails–these are based on marketing surveys and knowing what comes up, what information clients most need to know to achieve their cleanse goals:

  • —7 promotional emails that will fill your cleanse
  • —21 informational emails to send clients each cleanse day
  • —And a few other bits and bobs

—Use my pre-written copy on your website (I’ll even send the html code if you want). Based on marketing surveys, this explains the program to potential clients and helps them choose to sign up.

—You also get pre-written enrollment forms, client info forms and daily report forms so you can properly guide each person, each day and get real results

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Weight 14 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 9 x 0.5 in


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