The Rejuveo Challenge

Use the Rejuveo Challenge form every day after we start Rejuveo Cleanse Stage 2

One thing: You do not have to follow the exact meal plan; but you should stick to foods on the shopping list for that stage. Feel free to adjust and create; ask if not sure.

Thank you!

I’ve lost weight and have more energy!

For the past year I’ve been struggling with new allergies I’ve not had before. I have had numerous stomach issues for the majority of my life, constipation & tummy aches. It was time to try something different and truly handle this.

I lost about 8 lbs after doing the Rejuveo cleanse. I have more energy and plan to permanently continue some of what I learned: I’ll make Kefir weekly, no dairy, no gluten, no sugar.

Although I am having surgery in June and not looking forward to antibiotics, pain medication, anesthesia  etc., I am mindful of it’s impact now and will rise above afterwards.
—Lisa S